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Welcome to Lambo-Doors.Biz, we created this online store to facilitate those looking to customized their vehicle a reliable and trusted source for Lamborghini-style door kits. As with anything that gets popular in the US, the Chinese will try to imitate, clone, and in many cases counterfeit. This is not just my opinion but my experience. When my brother told me, he had purchased a brand new Vertical Doors Inc. Lambo door kit for his Chevy 1500 for $299.00 on eBay, I was, to say the least, surprise. To make a long story short, although the kit came in what appear to be a Vertical Doors Box it lacks instruction and quite a few parts we were able to replace.

That said, I was once again surprised when less than a month later the bracket where the shock attaches to the body broke. On further analysis, the aluminum although machine on the outside appeared to be made out of cast aluminum! Puzzle over the findings I sought the help of a local custom shop and Vertical Doors Inc dealer. After examining the kit, we all came to the conclusion this kit was a fake, and imposter, and nothing short of a counterfeit.

Moral of the story, eBay, BackPages, Craigs List and many of this market places are not a secure, reliable environment for young people who are in love with their car to go shopping. That said, I decided to use my skill and know-how in the web and graphic design to put together this online store. Yes, they are many people selling Lambo doors online. However, they are either selling real cheap Lambo door kits, which just don't last and or are difficult to install, or they are very expensive.

When we put together Lambo-Doors.Biz, we had our users in mind and asked ourselves. How can we bring the best kit to market for each given application? That fact is that not all Lambo door kits are created equal. Each manufacturer has a niche market they specialize in and yes they are several manufacturers we consider. While looking at reviews, we figure out that Amazon customer was the best gauge to measure how good a scissor door kit was for each particular application. By looking at Amazon review, we figured out that some manufacturer worked better for some automakers while other didn't.

This is the key to our business and what we offer you! At Lambo-Door.Biz all, we care about is the customer satisfaction and we count on real customer reviews to decide the product we sale and the brands we carry. We don't care what manufacturers say and or what magazines claim, those are all tainted reviews from advertising dollars and not coming from real consumers. We find that in real life, the experience of real consumers is much different than what the magazine or even the manufacturer has to say. This is our business model; we bring you nothing but the top rated Lambo door kits as rated by the consumers who purchase them! This has caused us to add new products and delete other products as we see reviews came in but at the end of the day is you our customer who has the last saying on the brand of Lambo door kit we carry for your vehicle.

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For starters, we promise you to provide you with the best products and the best possible customer service. Selecting the right Lambo Doors, Suicide Doors, Gullwing Doors, Shaved Doors, Flip Flop Hoods or Custom Hinge Kit can sometimes be confusing, especially with the wide range of brands available in the market today. Like if that was not difficult enough! You also need to know if you are getting the best deal.  At Lambo-Doors.Biz we offer you a great range of hand selected products and only at the lowest prices, ensuring you never have to shop around. Even more important! All of our orders are fulfilled by Amazon.Com, the world's largest and most trusted e-commerce website. We opted to use Amazon so you can be 100% confident in using our store as entering your details is guaranteed to be safe and secured. Since launching Amazon have not experienced a single fraudulent incident. So, when shopping at Amazon, you can be sure that your order is backed by the best online merchant but also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

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