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Universal Lambo Door Kit (90 Degree Style)

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Heavy Duty Universal Lambo Door Kit (90 Degree Style)

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Lambo Door Conversion Kits

Welcome to, we offer Universal & Bolt-on Custom Lambo Door Conversion Kits for domestic and imported Cars and Trucks and great prices! If you are looking for the ultimate bolt-on accessory for your custom car or show vehicle, one of our custom fit or universal Lamborghini-style door kits is for you! Nothing says "custom" like a car with a custom installed vertical door kit! We offer a wide selection of both universal and bolt-on Lambo door kits. As a matter of fact, we have kits for many popular vehicles on the road today including but not limited to all national brand (Chevy, Ford, and Mopar) as well many import brands like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus and more.

What are Lambo doors?

Italian car maker Lamborghini took the auto industry by storm when they introduced the Lamborghini Countach in 1974. Aside from its power and looks the Lamborghini Countach made an enduring impression on car fan throughout the world due in part to its signature vertical doors. Unlike cars of its era the Lamborghini Countach signature vertical doors open vertically, instead of outwards as just about every other car out there. Since then custom cars designers have been able to create one-offs here in there but this normally required a lot of custom manufacturing, engineering, and budget out of reach the average custom car buff.

That was until a group of entrepreneurs in California created Vertical Doors Inc. a company that is engineering and mass manufacturing custom bolt-on and universal Lamborghini-style doors kits. Despite the company's name "Vertical Doors" the street will start calling this these kits "Lambo door kits." Soon cars began appearing here and there with one-off, custom designed and engineered "Lambo doors", and it wasn't long before aftermarket entrepreneurs recognized an opportunity. Thanks to these companies and their custom kits you can't go to a car show or cruise night without seeing cars, trucks, and SUVs with vertical doors.

Installing your Lambo Door Kit.

We understand the attraction of Lambo doors. The truth is that there is nothing like it when it comes to the wow effect. Just think of an average looking Honda Civic pulling up and when you open the doors, they pivot upward! That said, we want to point out that as you consider buying your Lambo door kit, it is important to figure out, who is going to install it? In all honesty, it is not as difficult as it may seem. However, you are going to need tools. A metric and standard size socket set ranging from about 6mm or 1/4 inch to about 19mm to 3/4 inch; You are also going to need a small and large flat and Phillips screwdrivers.  A power drill with several bits or a unibit as well as some cable ties, electrical tape, and some extra hands.

The installation of a Lambo door kit is not a type of work recommended for one person. If you are not mechanically inclined, you may want to talk to somebody about getting your kit installed. Many shops doing this type of work are customary car stereo shop so you may want to start there! You may also want to seek small body shops and mechanic shops with an inclination towards hot rods and or tunners.

Quality Lambo Door Kits

At Lambo-Doors.Biz, we sell nothing but the top rated kits in the marker today. Our Lambo Door Kits are rated by those the purchase them, not the manufacturer or even us. At one time there was only one or two supplier, but now there are many Lambo Door Kits brands in the market. AT Lambo-Door.Biz we are focused on supplying kits from US base suppliers and reputable brands. We look for vertical door kits that have beefy, heavy-duty hinges with quality, long lasting bushings, and Nitro lifts that make opening the door a breeze.

We encourage purchasing kits that are designed specifically for your vehicle and with several reviews to make sure they'll work effortlessly every time you open and close your doors. Unlike Universal Lambo door kits that need to get drilled, our custom bolt-on kits bolt directly in place of the factory hinges, and only minor modifications are usually necessary for a perfect fit. We count on your recommendation and it is, for this reason, we have put in a lot of time and effort on bringing to market nothing but the best Lambo Doors Kits in the market.